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We seek to provide a trip of a lifetime through encountering the 30 Christian Holy Sites in Israel. We use the best of tour companies in Israel, an English Speaking Guide, exceptional accommodations, and a Tour Pastor all for an affordable price. Our goal is for every Christian to visit the Holy Land at least once in their life. We believe a visit to the Holy Land helps bring the Bible alive and real as you walk where Jesus walked. We also believe that it is God's direction for us to bless Israel any way we can. Visiting the land God promised to Abraham is a way we can all powerfully bless Israel. The Christian Resource Group will do whatever we can to help you walk where Jesus walked. Please contact us today for more information on YOUR TRIP to the Holy Land.

Marc Royer

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The Olivet Nazarene University Alumni and Friends Tour

hosted by Drs. John and Jill Bowling, November 2-11, 2019

The Cory Morrow Tour

June 24 - July 2, 2019