About Our Tours

We provide an opportunity to experience a trip of a life time by visiting the 30 major Christian Sites in Israel. Our mission as a Church Ministry is to get as many people as possible to the Holy Land. From the moment you step foot in the Land of the Bible, you will never be the same. Israel is a country that was founded by Abraham over 3,000 years ago - based on the faith of one God (Yahew).

Signature Tour

Our 10 day Signature Tour takes you to 30 major biblical sites.

Customized Tour

Our 10 day Custom Tour takes you to 30 major biblical sites – and you pick the dates!

The Cory Morrow Tour

Our 10 day Tour takes you to 30 major biblical sites with Cory Morrow!

Trip Insurance

TCRG Holy Land Tours has teamed up with Travel Safe to bring you the best insurance coverage for your trip.

What To Bring

If you’re American and have never been immersed in such a drastically different set of values and customs, it can be tough to know exactly what is appropriate and how to plan within your existing wardrobe.

Got Travel Questions?

There is a lot to know about traveling to the Middle East.  Check out our FAQ and see if your answer is there!

Our Team

Experience the journey of a lifetime with us!

Drs. Marc and Marceil Royer

We believe that every Christian should come to the Holy Land at least once in their life! We hope to provide the experience of visiting the 30 major Christian sites in Israel will be such an experience that you will want to come again and bring others with you.


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